In 1835, Lord Macaulay was made a law member of the Governor General-in-Council. Soon, he became the President of the General Committee of Public Institution. As the president of the committee, he put forward his education policy in Governor-General~in-Council on February 2, 1835, which ended the Orientalist-Anglicist row.

Under the Macaulay system of education (approved by Governor-General Bentinck), Persian was abolished as the court language and was substituted by English. Printing of English books were made free and these were available at a relatively low price. There was curtailment in the fund for oriental learning, while English education received more fund.

The approved Macaulayian system was an attempt to focus on educating the upper strata of societY through English and leaving it up to these people to promote vernacular languages and literature. Western learning would also seep through to the masses in this manner.